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Facelift Procedure

Time is the enemy of youth. Aging process continues in spite of the annual life expectancy increases. Disproportional aging of facial tissue layers 

Hyaluronic acid in the skin decreases as well as new collagen synthesis is overcome by collagen break-down, cause dry and dull skin and wrinkles on the face. Muscle & fascia loos strength and elasticity, and become sagging. Bone resorption is greater than bone formation , so the face structure becomes obtuse, rectangular , bony and sunken eyeballs.

Conventional facelift surgery focuses on cutting and tightening skin and Musculoaponeurotic system of the face. It does not consider that skin when cut , cannot regenerate new skin nor the post operative elasticity of the skin, I came across cases of conventional facelift surgery who had had 3-4 facelift operations. Their skin were so thin and tight (just about to break). They looked like wearing facemasks, Most people like natural looking young face. But conventional technique may not be helpful


Combined Facelift Surgery has been developing by Renovia-ABLS Academy to the need of ” Naturally looking young face”. Our artistic touch and feel design the algorithm of the surgery to the needs of each individual. The technique principles are

  1. to preserve skin by minimally invasive facelift surgery.
  2. to remove excess fat by micro cannula liposuction .
  3. to fill hollow areas and re-contour the face  with fat transfer facial rejuvenation
  4. Additional operations such as blepharoplasty and rhinoplasty can be done at the same time.
  5. To avoid extensive scar , Suture Suspension Thread Lift ( a non-scar facelift surgery) may be used.



Medical doctor Fellow of the Royal Collage of Obstetric & Gynaecologist(Thailand) Diplomat of the American Board of Laser Surgery Director of Renovia-ABLS Training Center Fellow of the Italian Academy of Lipotech Certified in Regenerative Medicine


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